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Light at Sensorio in Paso Robles, CA

Light at Sensorio is a walk-through art installation mimicking a super bloom of wildflowers, but at night, utilizing over 58,800 fiber optic stemmed solar-powered spheres! If you happen to be anywhere within driving distance near Paso Robles, California anytime before it’s over, I highly recommend a visit to check out this magically lit up art installation! 

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How to Visit “Light at Sensorio” in Paso Robles, CA

In 2019, I embarked on a “Solo Mom Weekend Vacation” up to Los Alamos, California and I decided to make the extra drive up to Paso Robles one night to experience Bruce Munro’s Light at Sensorio since it was supposed to close in early 2020. It’s now been extended for a couple of years and has taken up residence in Paso Robles and will be open indefinitely. I’m so glad it has been extended because it’s stunning, not to mention a very Covid-safe experience, so hopefully more people get to experience it. 

Light at Sensorio is a walk-through art installation experience mimicking a super bloom of wildflowers, but at night, utilizing over 58,800 fiber optic stemmed solar-powered spheres! In 2021, Light Towers was added to the installation which includes 69 six foot high towers composed of illuminated wine bottles. 

About Light at Sensorio

Bruce Munro is known for large-scale light-based installations. He has had numerous art installations all over the world including several “Field of Light” installations like the one at Sensorio in Paso Robles although Light at Sensorio was his largest installation to date. 

Field of Light at Sensorio is a 15-acre immersive solar powered experience and uses over 58,800 fiber optic stemmed spheres. It took twenty volunteers five weeks to install the 58,800 plus lights using 326 miles of optical fiber.

Light Towers celebrates the areas’ celebrated wine country (Paso Robles has over 200 wineries) and features 69 towers composed of 17,388 wine bottles illuminated with glowing fiber optics which change colors to a musical score. The entire exhibit is also solar powered.

What to Know About Light at Sensorio Before You Go

Book Tickets in Advance 

The experience is often sold out on weekends and people are turned away at the gate. I highly recommend booking tickets in advance. You can currently cook tickets through September 2022.

Arrive Early and Stay Late 

I recommend arriving when they first open the gates so you’ll have time to grab some food, a glass of wine, and enjoy the live music while watching the sunset and the gradual transition of the white orbs into a glowing field of colorful “flowers.”  

And stay late. Stay until it closes. Other people will leave throughout the night giving you the place all to yourself. Sit on a bench, enjoy the view, enjoy the solitude. 

Stay on Marked Paths 

Security meanders throughout the exhibit to make sure everyone stays on the marked paths.

What to Leave at Home or In Your Car 

Professional camera and camera equipment is not allowed, including selfie sticks, monopods, and tripods. External food or drinks are not allowed.

What to Wear 

I visited Light at Sensorio in the summertime, so I didn’t need to bring a jacket, but if I go again, I will definitely check the weather and dress in layers. Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. The outer trail is only a half-mile long, but I took several laps as I experienced the lights from different angles. 

More Information

Field of Light at Sensorio has been extended indefinitely and has tickets available now through September of 2022. Entrance times vary throughout the year based on the time of sunset. Adult general admission tickets start at $41. For more information including ticket prices, VIP experiences, directions, and FAQ, I recommend visiting the official Light at Sensorio website

My Light at Sensorio Experience

I arrived early, grabbed a glass of wine, and listened to the live music as I grabbed a spot on a bench with a view of the sunset.

The sun began to set and then all the little lights started popping on! And as the sun dipped further and further below the horizon, the colors became more and more vibrant! It was truly a magical experience! 

After the sunset, I walked the half-mile outer trail through the art installation to experience it from different angles. There are benches set up throughout the installation so you can sit and experience the view for as long as you’d like. 

The lights gradually change color which makes it look like an undulating field of wildflowers! 

I also loved seeing the optical fibers all lit up snaking their way to each of the 58,800 orbs!

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I loved visiting Light at Sensorio and experiencing the sunset and beautiful light show! Are you planning to visit soon? Let me know in a comment below!

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