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Feed an Ostrich at Ostrichland

Have you ever fed an ostrich? Well, it is quite an experience! Possibly a terrifying experience! But an experience that you can have at the quirky roadside attraction of Ostrichland just outside of Solvang, CA. 

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Yes, you definitely want to feed this bad boy! Embrace the weird and enjoy this wacky road-side stop! Pull over, pay the $7 for entrance and $1 for a bucket of food, and go feed this bad boy!

I’ve been to Ostrichland a few times. Once with my husband while we were exploring and wine tasting in the Solvang area and more recently with a couple of girlfriends while on a “momcation” in Los Alamos, CA. I’ve also fed emus in Australia and ostriches in Bonaire, so you would think I would be a pro at feeding large birds by this point, but it’s still a terrifying experience. And experience that I keep choosing to do every single time because it’s also fun!

Visit Ostrichland in Solvang, CA

About Ostrichland

Ostrichland is home to over 100 ostriches and emus. The ostriches have been raised to be fed by visitors and trained to eat out of the feed bowls.

There used to be multiple ostrich farms in the area, but now only Ostrichland remains and is allegedly an ostrich and emu sanctuary.

Sometimes Ostrichland has babies that you can view! They are SO cute!

There’s 33 acres of land for them to run around in, but you’ll find them all up at the fence, just waiting to be hand fed!

How to Feed the Ostriches at Ostrichland

After you pay your admission fee and purchase a bowl of alfalfa pellets, the teenager manning the register will then instruct you to “read the safety rules!”

No, but really, fucking read the safety rules. While we were there, a woman got bit.

Rule number 5 is the big one. Especially when you’re trying to take photos. You’re so busy looking at the phone or through the camera lens that you don’t realize how close you are to the fence until it’s too late.

The feed bowls are attached to metal dust pans and it is truly a genius way to feed the birds. The bowl of feed goes very quickly, so don’t feel bad if you have to go back and pay another $1-3 for more bowls. You can also get another bowl and go feed the emus!

But again, definitely read the instructions. These ostriches do not give a fuck about your well being. They will peck at those food bowls with everything they’ve got.  

Ostrichland does warn that on most days, the birds can be fed throughout the day, but on busier days, they restrict feeding to make sure the birds are not overfed.

Ostrichland Contact and Details

Ostrichland USA

610 E Hwy 246, Solvang, CA 93463


  • Open daily from 9am-5pm
  • Ample parking in the two parking lots in front
  • Admission $7, 12 and under $3, and $1 per feed bowl

Be sure to also visit the gift shop for stuffed animal ostriches, fresh ostrich eggs, postcards, and ostrich jerky (allegedly not made from ostriches at Ostrichland.)

How to get to Ostrichland

Ostrichland is located on Highway 246 just a few miles off Highway 101 on the way to Solvang, CA.

What to Do Nearby

Where to Stay in Solvang

Where to Eat in Solvang

We always love stopping to feed the ostriches at Ostrichland? Are you brave enough to feed an ostrich? Let me know in a comment below!

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