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Checking In: Skyview Motel in Los Alamos, CA

Today I’m checking into the Skyview Motel in Los Alamos, CA with a hotel review. I’ve stayed at the Skyview Motel a couple of times in the last few years. The first was on a solo-getaway weekend and the most recent was on a girls’ getaway weekend with a couple of friends. Despite some issues, I’ve enjoyed both of my stays at the Skyview and I would recommend it!

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There are many places to stay in Los Alamos, and both times I’ve visited, I decided to stay at the newly renovated Skyview Motel. I remember passing it so many times during my drives back and forth between Los Angeles and Santa Cruz (where I went to college) and I was excited to see it’s newly completed renovation into a modern, hip motel!

Skyview Motel Review

History of the Skyview Motel

The Skyview Motel was originally built in 1954 and opened in 1959. Named for its hilltop location overlooking Highway 101 and the town of Los Alamos, the Skyview Motel was a roadside motel for tired travelers on their way up and down the California central coast. 

The motel is rumored to have hosted The Beatles and the Mamas and Papas while the bands toured California. 

After changing hands through a series of sales, a group of investors finally purchased the property in 2016 and performed a 2-year, multi-million dollar renovation giving the Skyview a complete transformation of the 33 guest rooms, motel office, and restaurant.

I didn’t stay at or see the place before it was renovated, but they did a great job! The rooms are nicely decorated with comfortable beds and linens. I had plenty of space to put my things in the room and the closet. And the bathroom was nicely decorated with a spacious shower and luxurious toiletries!

I’m also so glad they kept the original yellow iconic roadside MOTEL sign.

How to Get to the Skyview Motel

The Skyview Motel is located off Highway 101 in the town of Los Alamos. It’s easy to spot from the highway – just look for the iconic, mid-century yellow Motel sign up on the hill!

Why Stay at the Skyview Motel

I chose to stay at the Skyview Motel because I like to stay at nice places when I’m on vacation if I have the budget. With the newly renovated and nicely decorated rooms and a comfortable bed, it’s a great place to stay for a couple of nights.

I also chose to stay at the Skyview because of the gorgeous pool. I loved sitting by the pool and relaxing for one afternoon with poolside service from the bar at Norman.

Speaking of, I also love that the Skyview has a great restaurant, Norman, on it’s property so you don’t have to leave the property if you don’t want to.

However, if you do want to leave, the little town of Los Alamos is just a short 5 minute car ride away or you can borrow one of the bikes from the Skyview.

The Rooms at the Skyview Motel

Like I mentioned, the newly renovated and nicely decorated rooms are why I chose to stay at the Skyview Motel. 

With a super comfortable bed, a flat screen TV, a large closet for clothes and luggage storage, and a large bathroom and shower with locally-made and amazing-smelling shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

I do have a few complaints for my two stays at the Skyview Motel.

From my first stay in 2019:

The bathroom had one of those little “Green & Clean” cards that instruct if you hang your towel, they won’t change it, but if you put it on the floor, it’s a sign that you want a new one. Well, I hung up my towels and they were all changed out.

From my 2021 stay: 

The windows don’t lock. I think this is a huge security issue. And it wasn’t just my room. My friend two rooms down had the same problem. 

I also don’t know if the rooms have a security door latches. I feel like they do not and they should.

The towels leave a lot to be desired, especially at the motel’s nightly price point. The motel really needs to invest in new towels.

Staff parks in the extremely small upper motel parking lot, forcing many guests to parallel park along the steep driveway or all the way down the hill in the lower parking lot and then hike back up to the motel room. The motel needs to enforce that staff parking is in the bottom lot.

Also, I haven’t had any issues, but according to Yelp reviews, there have been numerous billing issues in the past, so be sure to physically check out and get a printed bill and go over it before leaving the motel.

Amenities Offered at the Skyview Motel

My favorite features of the Skyview Motel include the pool, the mini bar, the amazing-smelling shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion in the bathroom, and the bikes.

Here’s a list of some additional amenities offered at the Skyview:

  • Complimentary Nespresso coffee
  • Linus bikes
  • Private patios with fire pits in select rooms
  • Dog friendly
  • Wifi
  • Outdoor showers in select rooms

Drinking and Dining at the Skyview Motel

The Skyview Motel has the Norman restaurant and bar on the property which serves breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner as well as a wine and cocktails list for those just visiting the bar or sitting poolside.

The motel also offers text-based room service, meaning you can text a request and they will deliver it to anywhere on the property – your room, the courtyard, a firepit, the pool, etc.

Thus, they have a rule of no outside food allowed on the property. It’s weird. I can’t remember if there’s a fine or fee if you’re caught with outside food …

What to Do in Los Alamos During Your Stay

If you’re planning a trip to Los Alamos, be sure to check out my blog post on the Best Things to Do in Los Alamos, CA.

But here’s a quick list of places not to miss:

  • Bodega
  • Bedford Tasting Room 
  • Presqu’ile
  • Bob’s Well Bread

Places to Visit Nearby:

  • Presqu’ile Winery
  • Feed an ostrich at Ostrichland
  • Solvang

What to Bring Home From the Skyview Motel

I always love bringing home souvenirs from my trips. I loved the little handmade  stuffed animals on all the beds at Skyview that are available for purchase and I bought one for my kids.

Contact & Booking

Skyview Motel

9150 US-101, Los Alamos, CA 93440

(805) 344-0104

I’ve loved both of my stays at the Skyview Motel in Los Alamos, CA. Are you planning to visit soon? What are you looking forward to doing in Los Alamos? Let me know in a comment below!

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