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Olive Oil Tasting in Paso Robles

If you get tired of wine tasting at the 200+ wineries in Paso Robles, you can always switch over to Olive Oil tasting! There are at least 9 olive oil tasting rooms and production facilities in and around Paso Robles and several even offer in-depth tours!

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Thanks to the climate and great soil, Paso Robles produces some of the finest wines in the world! And it’s those same growing conditions that also produces great olives! In the last decade, several small producers have flocked to Paso Robles and nearby Creston to plant olive orchards, making Paso Robles the highest concentration of small olive growers in the state, most of which are small family businesses.

Olive oil tasting is a great break from wine tasting! With delicious breads, olive oil, vinegars, and even some tapenades or spices, it’s always an enjoyable stop in the Paso Robles wine country.

Where to Go Olive Oil Tasting in Paso Robles, CA


On our first wine tasting trip in Paso Robles back in 2010, we drove through the Highway 46 Westside wineries and as we stopped for tastings, the staff at the different wineries would offer recommendations on where to go next and everyone kept recommending that we stop for an olive oil tasting at Pasolivo

So we did! I could not believe how many different flavors of olive oil there were! And now every time we’re in the area, we make sure we stop and grab some more olive oil because it is so damn good! My favorites are the Basil olive oil and the Rosemary olive oil.

Pasolivo has two locations. They have a new tasting room in downtown Paso Robles as well as their original Ranch tasting room off Highway 46. The downtown tasting room offers free olive oil tastings whereas the Ranch offers $10 olive oil tastings. 

If you’re doing the Highway 46 Westside drive for wine tasting, I highly recommend a stop to their Ranch location. It is absolutely gorgeous and a nice break from all the wine tastings.

Kiler Ridge Olive Farm

Kiler Ridge Olive Farm offers both olive oil tastings as well as 3 different tours! The olive oil tasting is $5 per person and includes instructions on how best to do an olive oil tasting and includes green apple slices as a palate cleanser. 

Be sure to check their website for times and reservations.

And they offer three different tours! 

The Olives to Oil Tour: a 30 minute overview of the orchard and processing facility. $10/pp

Milling and Production Tour: a 2 hour in-depth walk-through of the processing facility by co-owner Gregg Bone. $15/pp

Orchard Tour: a 45-minute in-depth walk through the orchards by co-owner Audrey Burnam.

Kiler Ridge also sells olive oil bath and home products including candles, olive leaf tea, olive oil lip balm, and soap.

Olea Farm  

Open on weekends, the Olea Farm olive oil tasting room is located in Templeton, CA (south of Paso Robles) and they offer free tastings of their five main olive oils as well as any short run varietals they may have available

Olivos de Oro Olive Company 

Olivos de Oro Olive Company offers free tastings of their olive oils, artisan vinegars, and sea salts by appointment only.  

Mt. Olive Organic Farm

The Mt. Olive Farm Store is open Fridays and Saturdays from 2-5pm and offers Mt. Olive Farm olive oil for sale. I do not know if tastings are available, but olive oil is available for purchase as well as several other gourmet foods, honeys, and spices.

We Olive

We Olive is a retail chain which sells artisan olive oils, balsamic vinegars and tapenades. They have a tasting room in downtown Paso Robles.

San Miguel Olive Farm

San Miguel Olive Farm is located a bit further north of Paso Robles in San Miguel also offers an in-depth tour where they explain how they farm, irrigate, prune, maintain and care for their trees followed by a tasting.

Templeton Olive Oil

The Templeton Olive Oil ranch and tasting room is open by appointment only. They sell olive oils and vinegars as well as olive oil skin and hair moisturizers!

Wineries That Also Offer Olive Oil


One of my favorite family-owned wineries in Paso Robles, Whalebone, also offers olive oil! You get to do BOTH wine tasting and olive oil tasting in the same place! With amazing views and usually an adorable dog and a cat or two laying around waiting for pettings, it’s a great stop. It’s also right up the hill from Pasolivo. 

Paso Robles Olive Festival 

If you’re super into olive oil, you may want to visit during the Paso Robles Olive Festival!

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We always love stopping by Pasolivo in Paso Robles for an olive oil tasting! The Basil and Rosemary varietals are our favorites! Are you planning to visit soon? Will you go on a tour and do an olive oil tasting in Paso Robles? Let me know in a comment below!

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